Data Analysis Assignment - Project 1

Project - Available in Italiano MOOC Coursera Data Science R

First assignement of Data Analysis course on Coursera, November 2013 edition.

The data consist of a sample of 2,500 peer-to-peer loans issued through the Lending Club. The interest rate of these loans is determined by the Lending Club on the basis of characteristics of the person asking for the loan such as their employment history, credit history, and creditworthiness scores.

The purpose of the analysis is to identify and quantify associations between the interest rate of the loan and the other variables in the data set. In particular, you should consider whether any of these variables have an important association with interest rate after taking into account the applicant’s FICO score. For example, if two people have the same FICO score, can the other variables explain a difference in interest rate between them?

You can download the analysis (PDF 31Kb) and the figure (PDF 238Kb).

Source files are available on GitHub and on Bitbucket.